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Every farmer knows that without his people, he is nothing. And people, in this context, include employees. From your labourers to the farm manager and office staff – every person plays a pivotal role in the farming enterprise and has a lesser or greater influence on the enterprise’s profitability. But what must producers have in place to ensure a healthy job environment? In this issue experts talk to us about contracts, labour laws and other important aspects which every farm employer should be aware of.

Look forward to articles on:

  • How to become a link in the meat value chain
  • The Responsible Wool Standard for sustainability
  • Feedback on resolutions made at Nerpo congress
  • Land audit: Willing seller, willing buyer does work
  • Making your dairy as simple and profitable as possible
  • Sable are thriving in the Eastern Cape
  • Portable NRI machines for grazing analysis
  • Why traceability incorporates more than just identification
  • Diseases to take note of in 2018

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