Vast amounts of food are wasted annually, across the globe, and many of us are guilty of binning food, but it might surprise you to know exactly much of what we throw away could be saved if it was frozen before going off. Below is a list of food items you might have never thought of freezing. The list was compiled by the Love Food Hate Waste campaign based in the United Kingdom.
Although eggs can’t be frozen in their shells, as they can explode, there are two ways to prepare them for the freezer. Egg whites and yellows can be separated into plastic containers for baking. Or you can whisk the eggs and then freeze it for scrambled eggs or omelettes.
Since finding perfect ripeness can be challenging with avocados going brown so quickly, large amounts of them are thrown away every year. Like most fruit, they freeze well, by either chopping in half and removing the stone, or mashing it up and popping into a bag with a dash of lemon or lime to help preserve it.
Herbs and spices
Fresh herbs have a very short shelf life and can often go soggy in the fridge, but if you finely chop and freeze them in time they will retain their flavour. Ginger can often dry up in the fridge, but can also be finely chopped and frozen.
Mushrooms can be frozen, but need to be frozen separately first as not to stick together in the freezer. Chop the mushrooms into slices and spread onto a large plate, ensuring that none of the slices overlap. Freeze for two hours, and then they can be transferred to the freezer.
Coffee and Wine
Leftover wine and coffee can be frozen in ice cube trays. The wine can be added to food and the coffee can be used for iced coffee or to create helpful portions to add to cooking. – Daily Mail


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