The Animal Feed Manufacturers Association of South Africa (AFMA) Symposium 2018 will be hosted on 30 October 2018 at the CSIR International Convention Centre in Pretoria. Click here to register. 

Themed “Local is Lekker”, this year’s AFMA Symposium will bring to the stage South Africa’s home-grown animal nutrition and feed manufacturing experts to showcase their work that is recognised locally and globally.

Topics include:

  • Current state and future demands of the poultry industry: Will we meet our commitments?
  • South African maize project: Understanding the variation in the energy value of South African maize to improve diet formulation
  • Insect protein – Waste to feed to food
  • Effect of heat treatment and feed acidification on feed quality and salmonella control – Are our feed processing temperatures too high?
  • Understanding food fraud with reference to the feed industry
  • An overview of nutrition practises in game
  • Catering for the transition cow: Does it matter; does it pay?
  • High fibre energy supplementation for dairy cows on pastures
  • Living in a world where risk is unavoidable
  • Commercial modelling: Utilising data to maximise the profits of your operation with special reference to poultry integrations
  • Sow lameness in the South African pig industry: Implications on sow performance (fertility and reproduction)

The symposium’s official programme will be followed by an industry meet and greet function, hosted by the Animal Feed Manufacturers Association (AFMA) and the World Poultry Science Association of South Africa (WPSA). –Press release