Remarkable ARC leader to step down


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The Agricultural Research Council (ARC) has announced that its current CEO and president, Dr Shadrack Moephuli, will leave the organisation when his third term of office comes to an end on 31 July 2021.

Over the past 15 years, Dr Moephuli has been instrumental in carrying out the mandate and priorities of the organisation towards the achievement of its national objectives.

Dr Moephuli carried out these tasks through the ARC’s support and transformation of the agricultural sector. Furthermore, he created and fostered a culture of excellence in cutting-edge research, collaboration and innovation within the ARC and with stakeholders, both nationally and internationally.

His most notable achievements include helping the ARC achieve success in scientific publications and the development and release of new vaccines and cultivars that are essential for the success of agriculture for improved productivity. During his tenure, the ARC’s flagship Professional Development Programme was scaled up from 50 students per annum to more than 200 postgraduates. This resulted in no fewer than 20 postgraduate degrees per annum.

Dr Moephuli leaves the ARC in a strong position

Under various administrations, Dr Moephuli has led and developed a committed team and leaves the ARC in a strong position for sustained and future growth.  

The ARC’s council would like to sincerely thank Dr Moephuli for his staunch commitment, invaluable contribution and dedication to the ARC for the past 15 years. The council would also like to thank him for ensuring that the organisation achieves its mandate each year, broadens its international research and development footprint, and continues to be financially sustainable with limited public funding and competitive private sector resources.

His tireless efforts and hard work for the realisation of the ARC’s vision of achieving “excellence in research and innovation for sustainable agricultural systems and economic development” will continue to influence the direction of the organisation for the foreseeable future.

The ARC will aspire to ensure that it continues to live up to this vision. In addition, its employees must always ensure that they reflect on and respond to this vision since it builds on the ARC’s legacy.

The council wishes Dr Moephuli the very best in his future endeavours. – Press release, Agricultural Research Council