The harvest of South African Evita or Great Parisian figs, called ‘baby figs’, will start in the third and fourth weeks of the year. Yukon, a South African grower and exporter of niche vegetable products, will be offering these figs to overseas retail and wholesale clients until the end of May.

The focus is on counts 4 to 6s, 7 to 8s, 9s to 12s, sizes that traditionally were deemed too small for the market. Each punnet weighs 160g. “Yukon has over the past two years been developing a market for this range to offer an affordable and convenient format to our clients and to add value back on farm,” says Danwille September, senior manager of fresh produce at Yukon. “We are gaining some good traction in the market. What is of importance is awareness, but we do see an improvement in interest in baby figs globally, as with baby vegetables.” – FreshPlaza

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