About a month into the season, volumes of Sharon fruit from South Africa look good. Export markets have also been receptive during the early part of the season, so the outlook for the latter half seems promising.

“We’ll again see an increased demand for South African Sharon fruit,” reported Hein Smal of Agricultural Resources in South Africa (Arisa). “We are planning to supply more than a thousand tons to the South African market.” Early reports from the company’s packing facility in the Southern Cape put this year’s crop between 7 500 and 8 000 tons. In addition to satisfying domestic demand, the crop will be shipped to Europe and Asia.

Germany will remain the main focus in Europe, though Hein noted that demand from the United Kingdom has also been growing. Consistent growth is also expected in the Canadian market. In Asia, Hein expects more shipments will go to Malaysia and Singapore, and sales in the Middle East have also been growing, especially Saudi Arabia. “Our product is increasingly becoming a favourite with consumers and there are good prospects for the season,” said Hein. – Fresh Plaza


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