SA Stud Book accelerates application of genomic technology in SA

Left to right from SA Stud Book: Dr Japie van der Westhuizen (General Manager), Jason Reding and Dr Bobbie van der Westhuizen (Manager: Genetic and Advisory Services).

SA Stud Book will now accelerate the rate at which it includes genomic information in predicting the genetic merit of farm animals. Stud Book’s developments and implementation resulted in the availability of genomically enhanced breeding values and practical use of these values for three beef breeds.

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These and other important advantages, such as the use of single gene markers with significant economic value are also already in use by most dairy breeders. The current agreement with the Canadian Dairy Network for genomically enhanced breeding values for dairy cattle will also shortly be replaced by Stud Book’s release of such genomically enhanced values based on a set of local developments. The research has already been completed and testing is being conducted.

The research and development capacity at Stud Book will be boosted by the contractual appointment of Jason Reding. Jason is currently completing an MSc Agric in animal breeding at the University of Pretoria (Tuks). He has the skill set that will fit well with the research and development at Stud Book. These include the integration of molecular and additive values and high level statistical analyses using genomic data and programming skills.

Jason joins the group of registered animal scientists at Tuks, on the experimental farm, managed by Dr Bobbie van der Westhuizen. In this way Stud Book meets its obligations for training and mentoring of graduate and post graduate students in animal breeding and genetics. – Press release