Jersey SA has taken the important step to boost services to its members and other dairy producers to create an enabling environment for locally bred animals to form the centre of the next generation dairy cows. After comprehensive consultation and strategic planning it was decided that the future lies in proven and new scientific developments.

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This professional approach includes comprehensive breeding plans that will enable local breeders to take the lead. The core of this development is objective measurement and recording.

Jersey SA and SA Stud Book have agreed that Suretha Francis, well known Animal Scientist, working for SA Stud Book, will actively manage these actions for the Society. She will also assist Jersey breeders at farm level.

Francis will continue with professional management advice, as part of the new strategy, but these services will now also be extended to optimise breeding objective formulation by identification of suitable selection candidates, especially breeding bulls. This will assist stud breeders and commercial producers to achieve economical breeding goals and apply suitable matings. Suretha will rely on Stud Book’s search engine and mating module on as well as the backup from her colleagues at SA Stud Book that carry out the local services and are involved in international genetic evaluations for the breed.

This joint venture is the beginning of a new era for dairy farmers. It assures that new opportunities, based on sound scientific principles, will be made available. Jersey SA now also makes use of all available resources to identify top animals and recommend matings that keep pace with economic realities and local production systems and price structures. The correct application of international breeding values, selection indices, genomic information and mating methods will now enable local Jersey breeders to take control in supplying genetic material that will produce profitable cows in the South African dairy herds.

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