SA Stud Book is proud to announce that the association’s International Committee for Animal Recording’s (ICAR) certificate of quality has been renewed. The renewal is valid to April 2024.

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ICAR is the international body which drafts guidelines for the recording of animals, especially production animals. The body consists of sub-committees including well-known Interbull, that carries out international genetic evaluations for dairy cattle from the Interbull Centre in Sweden, working groups such as Interbeef, milk recording groups, use of DNA technologies and functional trait recording. There are also task forces working on specific projects like the use of sensors for animal production recording.

ICAR renders a service to its members by evaluating them on the international guidelines for animal recording and other related practices. This is known as the ICAR Certificate of Quality (CoQ).

Many fields of activities can be evaluated, based on the main business of the organisation applying for the CoQ. SA Stud Book renders a comprehensive service, from correct animal identification to adherence to the recording requirements of individual member breeders’ societies (according to their constitutions), the application and precise calculation of production data and the prediction of genetic breeding values. Stud Book is evaluated for each of these activities by ICAR when renewal of the CoQ is considered.

The CoQ must be renewed every five years and this involves visits by one or more ICAR auditors after the applicant has filled in a comprehensive questionnaire with the necessary attached documentation as proof. An update by means of a completed questionnaire, to confirm adherence to the guidelines, takes place two and a half years later.

Juho Kyntäjä, the appointed ICAR auditor, visited and evaluated between 18 March and 21 March, after which the association’s CoQ was renewed.

The activities are as follows:

  • Animal identification in cattle and other species;
  • Milk recording in cattle and other species;
  • Beef recording in cattle and other species;
  • Production recording of other traits;
  • Data processing;
  • Herdbook (Stud Breeding Recording);
  • Genetic evaluation in dairy cattle, beef cattle and other species.

Stud Book prides itself on its ability to render good services to the southern African livestock industry and adhere to the highest international standards. The association’s goal is to see to it that livestock farmers and animal breeders, making use of Stud Book’s services and products, remain globally competitive. – Press release