The Western Cape Government has announced that the new national agriculture diploma, which will be offered at the Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute, has received South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) accreditation.

The decision to offer the three-year diploma from January 2020 is in line with the Western Cape Government’s intention to not only provide greater opportunities to the youth in general, but in particular to provide prospective agricultural students with access to a structured learning programme.

Agricultural sector drives economic growth

Agriculture is a global industry and the Western Cape is part of that interconnected economy. The sector accounts for 17% of the total workforce in the Western Cape, and 26,7% of agri-workers in South Africa.

The deciduous fruit, wine and citrus industries form the cornerstone of the Western Cape’s agricultural economy.

Creating training opportunities

Improving access to structured training is therefore a priority. This will not only contribute to the sustainability of the sector and job creation, but will also equip the future workforce with the relevant skills to grow the sector. In addition, it will enable the workforce to respond to challenges in an innovative way.

The Western Cape Government is committed to creating more training opportunities for the youth in the agricultural sector. – Press release, Western Cape Government