One US importer of specialty fruits is about to begin their third South African litchi season. “We are two weeks away from starting our South African lychee programme,” shared Nick Bernal of Seasons Farm Fresh. “At this time of year, there are really only two players – South Africa and Australia. This will be our third year marketing litchis from South Africa and we continue to see extraordinary growth for the programme.”

Seasons Farm Fresh works directly with SA Direct Fruit, who has been the driving force behind the South African lychee programme, to market litchis alongside their other exotic fruit offerings. It is generally an expensive venture for US buyers to import litchis from the southern hemisphere. Vast distances for this delicate fruit mean that air shipments are the only practical option for importers.

Making life more challenging is the fact that the US is not the preferred market for either South Africa or Australia. Click here to read the full article. – Fresh Plaza