Start-ups turn waste into opportunity

food waste

Global food waste is a problem that weighs 1.3 billion tons a year. A third of all food produced never gets eaten; a fact that has launched a food rescue movement. These are some of the food businesses transforming waste in smart and surprising ways.


ReGrained is making a business of turning the residual grain from beer making – traditionally used for cattle feed – into snack bars.

Jacob’s Juice

Apples, lemons, cucumbers and other fruit and vegetables that do not conform to standard shapes or lack visual appeal and don’t make it to the supermarket shelves usually end up on the compost heap. Jacob’s Juice, the first no-waste juice bar in Amsterdam, squeezes market rejects into desirable drinks.

Other businesses that turn waste food into edible products include Coffee Flour, Yespers, and The Ketchup Project. Click here to read the full article. – Rabobank