Stockfarm is a semi-scientific magazine for commercial and aspiring commercial livestock farmers who wish to farm more profitably by applying sound farming practices. Stockfarm is calendar driven and supplies information that is applicable to a particular season and particular circumstances. The magazine addresses topics ranging from feed and nutrition, to animal health, crops, grazing, breeding, handling and management. Sound information for farmers who are serious about their trade.

Read Stockfarm in September

Read Stockfarm in September

In September we greet spring, but not necessarily in all its glory, as this is typically a difficult time on many a livestock farm. Grazing will not yet have recovered from the harsh winter and large parts of the country is subjected to sudden and intense cold spells, leading to ill-timed livestock losses. But at Stockfarm we tackle every season with a positive attitude and content designed to help the livestock farmer plan for the coming season. This edition is no different and once again contains a wealth of information aimed at better livestock management.

Look forward to articles on:

  • Import and export opportunities for local agriculture.
  • Commercialising communal wool sheep producers.
  • Conservation farming.
  • The ostrich leather industry.
  • Training for profitable and sustainable agriculture.
  • Summer grazing as a cover crop.
  • Nutrition in the mating season.
  • Formulating rations based on fatty acids.
  • Successful game capture.
  • Controlling wireworm inspring.
  • Clostridial diseases.
  • Planning for tough times on the farm.

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