Stockfarm is a semi-scientific magazine for commercial and aspiring commercial livestock farmers who wish to farm more profitably by applying sound farming practices. Stockfarm is calendar driven and supplies information that is applicable to a particular season and particular circumstances. The magazine addresses topics ranging from feed and nutrition, to animal health, crops, grazing, breeding, handling and management. Sound information for farmers who are serious about their trade.

Read Stockfarm in February

Read Stockfarm in February

Each year in the February edition of Stockfarm we put the spotlight on communication in rural and farming communities. This edition is no different and this time round we shine the spotlight on farm safety and communication methods that are currently in place to enhance farm safety and security.

Look forward to articles on:

  • The South African goat meat market.
  • Predation research.
  • An overview of the swine industry.
  • Sheep production in China.
  • Say hello to the 2018 Silage King.
  • Ultra high-density grazing.
  • External parasite control.
  • Legal aspects of brucellosis.
  • Training of farm workers.
  • A winning recipe for lambing pens.
  • Labour column.
  • Legal column.

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