The award-winning South African documentary film STROOP – journey into the rhino horn war finished its international premiere run with impressive wins in Europe. After leaving the United States (US) with a final win in Boston at the Mystic Film Festival for Best International Documentary, the film started its European premiere with a bang at the Wildlife Film Festival in Rotterdam.

Selected to open the festival, the film secured another first by selling out the opening night. The choice of the South African film to open Europe’s prestigious wildlife film festival was a risky one, as the honour is usually given to a European film or an Oscar™ nominee but, said festival director Raymond Laagerwald , “the buzz around the rhino documentary made it a natural choice.”

The Dutch national broadcaster’s prime time news programme, Een Vandaag ran a feature about the film coming to the Netherlands which ensured a second sold out screening that the festival had put on to accommodate the hype around the film.

Producer, presenter and protagonist of STROOP, Bonné de Bod said in her acceptance speech: “All the awards are really overwhelming, in a wonderful positive way and seeing packed movie theatres filled with the citizens of Rotterdam who engage powerfully with STROOP is affirmation once again that our rhinos do matter to the world.”

The film has been officially selected for further film festivals in the US in November but the filmmakers have chosen to return home to premiere the film for the South African public earlier than planned, due to its successful international run. – SABC News

Watch the trailer below: