As the seasons of the year change, so does the veld. This means that what is lacking in veld in winter is different from what is lacking in summer. Supplements help to provide animals with only what is lacking, which is why it is vital for producers to know what is lacking in that particular season, so that they can give their animals the right supplements at the right time.

Supplements are not a complete feed; grass (veld or bales) must always be available when feeding supplements. For over 55 years, Voermol has been enabling producers to strategically manage and feed their livestock to improve the production and profit of their enterprises.

Voermol produces a complete range of quality molasses-based products that are scientifically balanced to meet the nutritional requirements of ruminants during various production stages and on all types of grazing.


During autumn in summer rainfall regions, rainfall begins to decline. The grass changes from green to a light straw colour. Protein also starts to decline. Thus, cattle are moving from a season where phosphorus was lacking, to a season when protein will be lacking. During this phase, producers should provide their animals with a transitional lick that contains protein and phosphorus.

Producers can make their own transitional lick by mixing the following Voermol products:

  • Two bags of Super 18.
  • One bag of salt.
  • One bag of Rumevite 12P.

Alternatively, farmers can make a transitional lick by mixing the following Voermol products:

  • Two bags of Premix 450.
  • One bag of salt.
  • One bag of Rumevite 12P.

Ready-mixed Superfos can also be given to animals as a transitional lick (Table 1).

Table 1: Voermol transitional lick options for sheep, goats and cattle.


During winter grass is dry, tasteless and has insufficient protein. It also takes longer to digest, resulting in cattle and sheep not grazing sufficiently. They may lose excessive weight and body condition and may even die of hunger.

Winter is also usually the time when pregnant animals are in their third trimester. The pregnant animal thus needs proper nutrition for herself and her unborn offspring, and needs to be prepared for milk production in the next lactation. Table 2 provides a list of protein supplements that will prevent weight loss during winter.

Table 2: Voermol protein supplements for sheep, goats and cattle.

Voermol’s Maxi Block for sheep and goats will help these animals produce high-quality fibre, such as wool, mohair and cashmere. Maxi Block helps ewes produce sufficient colostrum and milk, thereby preventing lamb mortalities. Maxi Block should be used (Table 3) three weeks before mating, six weeks before lambing, as well as after lambing.

Table 3: Recommended intake of Voermol Maxi Block for sheep and goats.

Product registration: Voermol Superfos (V17422), Voermol Super 18 (V355), Voermol Rumevite 12P (V11994), Voermol Premix 450 (V4676), Voermol Protein Block (V10448), Voermol Rumevite Cattle Block (V10932), Voermol Ekonolick (V11147), Voermol Maxi Block (V17424).

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