In a recent article by Poultry World, it is suggested that alternative protein sources could be derived from the sea. Fish caught only for livestock feed is not a sustainable solution. But what are the opportunities for mussels, starfish and seaweed?

Blue mussels can be produced sustainably and provide good nutrition high in Omegas. Starfish, another high nutrient product, has been used for livestock feed before and has recently been approved for this use again in the EU. Seaweed can be cultivated or harvested naturally and provide humans and livestock with a product rich in bioactive ingredients for maintaining health.

Mussels, starfish and seaweed need to be processed before it can be stored. It can be processed into dry meal as well as an acidic silage, but there are many challenges. Read more about the processing of mussel, starfish and seaweed for livestock feed by clicking here.Ursula Human, AgriOrbit


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