Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Free registration for The Water Show Africa

As the impact of climate change takes hold and water availability becomes an ever-growing concern, calls for increased adoption of more advanced...

The Water Show Africa: A leading platform for innovation

In today’s changing environment, long-established and proven utility practices to manage water, wastewater and water re-use are being challenged. And rightfully so!

Invasive alien plants and their impact on wetlands

Invasive alien plants multiply rapidly once they are established in an area, which increases clearing costs and compounds adverse effects on the environment. These...

Sustainable policy development powers SA’s agricultural engine

Sustainable policy development and its implementation are key factors set to mould South Africa’s agricultural landscape during the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Science supports groundwater management

The oceans contain 97% of the earth’s water and of the remaining 3%, which is freshwater, 2% is locked up in glaciers and the...

Maize farmers must consider drip irrigation

The growing impact of the drought has compelled many producers to make massive adjustments in the way they farm. As a result, a number...

Landowners urged to join fight against alien invasive plants

The Gamtoos Irrigation Board (GIB) has called on private landowners to take a vested interest in the fight against alien invasive plant species, which...