A PhD study that investigated the presence of salmonella in the formal supply chain and in informal markets in the Eastern Cape yielded surprising results. In a study carried out by the university in three of the six districts of the Eastern Cape, meat from carcasses slaughtered in abattoirs and at slaughter points in the informal sector was sampled. The meat was then taken to the laboratory to identify salmonella strains and antibiotic resistance. “We found that there were more positive results for salmonella in the formal meat sector than in the informal meat sector,” said dr. Ishmael Jaja during the International Conference for Food Safety and Security, held in Pretoria from 15 October to 17 October 2018. Oftentimes, we feel that if meat has been slaughtered at an abattoir, it’s clean.  However, from our studies, as well as from another study conducted by a colleague, we know that there is a lot of contamination from abattoirs – more than you’d think – so it’s not safe to say they are clean.” Click here to read the full article. – Food Security