As available drone technology and its popularity increase, these aerial vehicles are increasingly being used in agriculture and rural areas. Currently, drones are being used in various African regions, especially in rural areas where it is challenging to move around.

Although many African countries are worried about security threats that are brought about by drones, growth is evident in the countries that accept them as they can be vital in overcoming many problems.

Here are some companies using drones to assist farmers with their operations:

Investiv Group

Investiv Group, an agritech startup from the Ivory Coast, uses drones to assist farmers to carry out pre-farming studies on their farms and harvest forecasting, aiming to increase farm production.

WeFly Agri

WeFly Agri helps farmers to check and manage the operations of their farms locally. Joseph-Olivier Biley founded the startup after paying a visit to his father’s farm. He then discovered that workers were illegally conducting their farming operations on the farm.

Surveillance Drone

Maisam Pyarali, together with five friends developed a drone in 2015 to assist Tanzanian farmers to check on their crops. The drone relieves the farmers of the need to walk or drive around their large acres of land.

Other companies

Based in South Africa, Aerial Monitoring Solutions, FarmPin, ALTI and Aerobotics are helping farmers to collect data. AeroShutter is involved in a similar operation in Ghana. Parrot-Airinov partnered with CTA to support a project that aims to calibrate the diagnostic model for nitrogen fertilization on wheat in Rwanda. Click here to read more on drone utilisation. – Tech in Africa