The 2019 South African wine grape harvest has started, and the harvest is expected to be a little bigger than last year’s. The 2018 harvest was 1 238 000 tons, 14% less than the previous year’s harvest, mainly due to the drought. The quality of the 2019 vintage will depend on the weather during the next few weeks, which looks promising at this stage with cooler conditions predicted. This is according to a statement released by Vinpro.

The Northern Cape vineyards look good with no water limitations and no mentionable frost damages; however there have been no significant wine grape plantings in the area in the last few years. A slightly higher crop is expected this year in this region. The after effects of the drought are set to be felt in the Swartland region. Many of the vines have been uprooted and the region has experienced poor fruit set; an improved water situation will lead to a better harvest than that of 2018. Click here to read the full statement.

Wine grape producers are sharing their harvesting highlights on social media under the hashtag #Harvest2019 and #SAHarvest2019.

A popular twitter page named has been covering the harvest of 2019, visiting different vineyards and looking at different wines. From their posts one can ‘read’ the generally optimistic viewpoint at this of the year. An official wine harvest report will be issued in May 2019, when the final harvest figures will be released.

To follow the highlights of this year’s harvest, search the following hashtags: #Harvest2019 and #SAHarvest2019. To all wine producers and vineyards, happy harvesting! And remember to tag @AgriOrbit on Twitter and Instagram, so we can help share the highlights of 2019’s harvest – cheers! – Ntswaki, Motaung, AgriOrbit