February’s tractor sales of 526 units were significantly (13%) down on the 604 units sold in February last year. Year-to-date sales for the first two months of this year are also significantly (almost 21%) down on last year.

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On a rolling 12-month basis tractor sales are marginally (0.3%) up on last year. February combine harvester sales of 15 units were also significantly down on the 21 units sold in February last year. Year-to-date sales are significantly (almost 35%) down on last year. On a rolling 12-month basis combine harvester sales are marginally (1%) down on last year.

Although market sentiment has improved, farmers in most areas are unsure of what the immediate future holds in terms of crop yields. Early planted crops, mainly in the east, are generally looking good. Late planted crops are now dependent on continued rain and the absence of early frost. Maize yields, according to the Crop Estimates Committee, will be approximately 15% down this year.

While it is still early in the year to make reliable estimates of tractor sales for the 2019 calendar year, indications are that sales will be at a similar level to, or slightly less than, the 6 700 units sold last year. – SAAMA