December 2017 tractor sales of 417 units were significantly up (20%) on the 348 units sold in December 2016. For the 2017 calendar year, tractor sales were almost 9% up on those in 2016. December combine harvester sales of four units were three units less than the seven units sold in December last year.

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Combine harvester sales for the 2017 calendar year were approximately 5% more than they were in 2016. The better than average December tractor sales indicate that the market is still positive, despite the late and patchy rains, particularly in the western and north-western parts of the summer-cropping regions. The late rains may mean that some farmers will have changed to planting sunflower instead of maize. Sales prospects for the next few months will be largely dependent on weather conditions.

Industry forecasts for the 2018 calendar year are that tractor sales should be at similar levels to 2017 sales. – SAAMA


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