Transnet cyberattack: Citrus export season remains on track


Estimated reading time: 1 minute

The Citrus Growers Association of Southern Africa (CGA) is in close contact with Transnet regarding the cyberattack which has disabled electronic systems and disrupted container terminals at all South African ports.

Transnet is working around the clock to get the full IT system back online, with some applications already having been restored. While these repairs are being carried out, manual systems are being used to shift cargo, which have slowed down operations at the ports. However, citrus being shipped via break bulk vessels have not been affected due to this fruit being serviced by private terminals in domestic ports.

As a result, there is currently a backlog of fruit across the citrus supply chain, causing temporary delays when it comes to fruit being exported to key markets. To ease pressure on South African ports, growers are also diverting fruit to the Maputo port.

With more of Transnet’s IT systems coming back online, it is expected that the current disruptions will be short-lived and will have a minimal impact on the current export season.

The CGA will continue working closely with Transnet and service providers across the citrus value chain to address any blockages, ease current backlogs, and ensure fruit continues to be exported to key markets across the globe. – Press release, CGA