This year has seen interesting concepts trending in Asia Pacific’s food service scene – from new technology used in the food service industry to new concepts in food ingredients. Below is a short summary of new food ingredients and technology trends in Australia and Asia.

Food ingredients

Thailand: One of the latest high-end restaurants to open in Bangkok uses insects as the main ingredient. Insects are expected to take on a new importance in the coming years for food security.

Australia: The Peanut Butter Bar is a new outlet in Sydney that is devoted to serving peanut butter in all its forms – ice cream, milk shakes and puddings, all free from refined and artificial additives.

Malaysia: A new cocktail bar in Kuala Lumpur is designed to include elements of a greenhouse, using the herbs and plants they grow as ingredients in its cocktails. It aligns with the trend of buying local.

Food technology

China: A new restaurant concept launched by KFC, is the first commercial outlet to use facial recognition payment technology in the food service industry. A facial scan is used to enable payment.

Japan: The family restaurant chain, Coco’s tested talking robots at a venue in Yokohama and is considering implementing the robots nationwide by 2020.


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