Following a meeting between the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) and the National Animal Health Forum, three task teams have been set up to deal with the current FMD outbreak, and the management of the disease.

These task teams are now active. The technical task team that looks at disease control measures, agreed on certain actions:

  • The area where cattle are to be vaccinated will be limited to make long-term management of the disease easier. This is based on the premise that it does not compromise disease control.
  • Police presence will be increased.
  • Feed will be provided at affected villages to control movement and animal interaction at grazing sites.

Vaccination teams are working in possibly infected zones, conducting inspections and vaccinations; and inspection teams are working in the ‘clean’ zones to determine the extent of the outbreak.  Precautionary disease prevention has led to the vaccination of 4 021 animals in 9 villages.

To date, the disease has been confirmed in two villages, while three more villages are under surveillance after reports of clinical signs of FMD. Samples have been submitted to the laboratory and the results are expected early next week (28 January).

The Limpopo Department of Agriculture has provided feed to owners of affected animals. Letters have been sent to 20 of South Africa’s trading partners and trade, especially of processed [red meat] products, is starting to flow.

DAFF has repeated movement restriction in the disease management area in Vhembe.  No live, cloven- hooved animals are permitted to move into, within, through or out of, the area.  Police numbers have been boosted and animals found to be been moved will be confiscated and destroyed.

The restricted zone has the following boundaries:

  Boundary Description
Northern boundary The R524 road from town of Makhado to Thohoyandou up to the Kruger National Park (KNP) fence.
Western boundary The N1 Highway from Makhado to the point where the R36 road crosses the N1 Highway.
Southern boundary The R36 road from the N1 Highway to Mooketsi. Along the Mooketsi/Giyani Road (R81) from Mooketsi to where the road crosses the Little Letaba River.  Along the Little Letaba River up to the KNP fence.
Eastern boundary The KNP fence.

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