The University of Pretoria’s (UP) Nutrilab, specialising in analysing animal feed for nutritional content, is once again open for business after closing its services to the public in April 2017. This is according to Nutrilab’s acting laboratory manager, Joy Russel.

“Because Nutrilab lost many of its technicians over a very short period in 2017, analysis output was severely lowered. While new technicians were put in place, the lab’s services to the public were suspended, but services have been available to the public again since July 2018,” said Russel.

Nutrilab is an analytical and research laboratory that offers several analyses to the animal feed sector. These analyses include proximate analysis, mineral analysis and gross energy analysis. Russel added that Nutrilab was interested and willing to try new analyses.

The laboratory is in the agricultural building at the University of Pretoria’s Hatfield Campus.

Those interested in laboratory services can contact Joy Russel at or phone 012 420 3269. –Ursula Human, AgriOrbit


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