Summer Citrus from South Africa (SCSA) previously announced that it is entering the 2018 campaign in the United States (US) in a positive mood in spite of the challenges associated with the drought occurring in the Western Cape. The major regions producing citrus fruit for the US market are located in Citrusdal in the Olifants River Valley, where water shortages have been critical. The recent rains have boosted dam levels in the Cape region to levels better than the same time last year. “If this continues,” said forecasters, “dam levels could be above 80% by October.” The first containers of easy peelers, followed by navels and star rubies, started to arrive in the US at the end of May. SCSA earlier announced that the first reefers would be in the port of Philadelphia by mid-June. The season is expected to last until October. The new South African citrus season in the US will be boosted by the arrival of the first reefer vessels. – Fruit Net

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