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It is generally known that an alternative trust was established by the grain industry for the collection of voluntary levies on winter cereals, following the National Agricultural Marketing Council’s (NAMC) decision not to recommend the industry’s application for continuation of the statutory levy.  The name of the new trust is the South African Winter Cereal Industry Trust (SAWCIT).

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For the above reason, no levies have been payable to the Winter Cereal Trust (WCT) as of 1 October 2020. The voluntary levies of SAWCIT must also not be confused with and are completely separate from the voluntary levies payable to Grain SA.

The voluntary levies of SAWCIT are utilised to finance important operational functions of the industry. It is therefore imperative to achieve sufficient participation in the payment of the voluntary levies, otherwise the functions will be affected negatively to the detriment of all role-players in the industry.

These functions ensure food security, technological improvement, greater market transparency and integrity, as well as the monitoring of quality. These aspects are the cornerstones on which our free market is based and increase the industry’s international competitiveness.

The most critical functions that are to be funded by the SAWCIT voluntary levies are the South African Grain Laboratory (SAGL), the South African Grain Information Service (SAGIS), as well as a variety of research and transformation projects. There are no alternative funding sources for these critical functions to the benefit of the industry, which makes it imperative for the voluntary levies to be paid to SAWCIT.

For more information about the levy, click here or contact – Press release, SAWCIT