Dr Gerald Pollack from the University of Washington, has studied the structuring of water molecules and concluded that water builds up a memory based on the environmental conditions to which it is exposed. This memory and the fact that the water is polluted to some degree, leads to the water molecules forming clusters. These clusters are too big to go through cell walls for absorption and lead to dehydration and even poor health, even though enough water is available.

Water forms clusters to save energy when, for example, exposed to pollutants. Cell absorption requires breakdown of the clusters into individual molecules. Neither plants nor animals can absorb these clusters. Dr Pollack discovered three different ways to structure water molecules: through a vortex, magnetism or frequencies.

Why structure water?

Individual molecules have a lower surface tension and 34% more hydrogen bonding space, therefore nutrients dissolve better and the absorption of water and nutrients improves.

Water with high surface tension, such as microwaved water, is not available to the cell and causes plant death.  Using structured water means plants, animals and humans use less water and are better hydrated. Because of the way in which the water molecules are structured, they are able to hold on to more oxygen.

The chemical formula for water is H2O but for structured water it is H3O2. Dr Pollack referred to structured water as another phase of water, whereas we only know of ice (solid), flowing water (liquid) and vapour (gas). The fact that structured water contains more oxygen is extremely important in terms of human, plant and animal health and for growth and production in plants and animals.

Structured water remains in its liquid form up to -6˚C. This allows for some frost damage protection in plants. It is a natural anti-oxidant that combats aging and is easily absorbed through cell walls.

Structuring through frequencies

Agri Frequencies tried and tested different methods and combinations to discover the most effective way to structure water. The result was clear – making use of frequencies. The water structuring units designed by us are mobile and can either be placed under a glass of drinking water or around a pipe, ensuring all the water coming through the pipe is structured.

When placing the structuring units around a pipe it needs to cover at least 80% of the circumference of the pipe, to ensure the water will be structured as it goes through the pipe. When a glass of water is placed on the structuring unit it can take up to eight seconds for the standing water to be structured, whereas flowing water is structured in milli-seconds.

Crystal technology

Frequencies originating from crystals tend to improve water quality through structuring. Crystal powder programmed with specific frequencies used to structure water, is sealed between two layers of rubber to form the structuring unit. Piezo electricity, intrinsic to these crystals, transmits the frequencies to the water, which then vibrates simultaneously in resonance.

The crystal-loaded rubber strips, or water structuring units, are twisted around the water pipe – one structuring unit is needed for a 25mm thick pipe. More structuring units are used for thicker pipes, e.g. two for a 50mm pipe and four for a 100mm pipe. It can be used on any thickness pipe and lasts a lifetime.

Benefits of structured water

  • Cells use 30% less water to hydrate.
  • Increased oxygen content reduces pathogens to 2ppm.
  • Increased energy and a 30% water saving improves performance in e.g. racehorses, racing pigeons and athletes.
  • Softer, more palatable water.
  • Improves health and increases blood oxygen levels.
  • Improves short-term memory and the immune system.
  • Increases plant and animal production.
  • Improves drought resistance in plants.

Benefits of crystal technology

  • Insect control.
  • Removal of small animals and birds.
  • Rat and mice mortalities.
  • Plant growth stimulation.
  • Control of algal growth.

The frequency test

Agri Frequencies has developed a test that customers can use to detect frequencies reaching their farms and to test water structuring units.

 Guarantee: The water structurers have a life-long guarantee if you adhere to the prescribed requirements.

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