Danish farmers are on top of biosecurity to prevent endemic and emerging infectious diseases in livestock herds. What can South Africa learn from them? A recent article by Dairy Global discusses the findings of scientists from Aarhus University in Denmark who conducted face-to-face interviews relating to this topic with 16 dairy farmers. See a summary of some of the important points below:

  • Most farmers stated that they had not purchased cattle from outside the herd for years, rather raising their own replacement heifers to maintain a closed herd status.
  • Workflow was also important. Employees work with the youngest and healthy animals first then with adults and sick animals to manage the susceptibility of acquiring and spreading diseases.
  • Visitors with frequent access to farm premises (veterinarians, inseminators, and animal transporters) use clean protective boots and clothes provided by them before entering the premises.

To read more about biosecurity on Belgian dairy farms click here to read the full article. -Dairy Global