Reports from Louisiana suggest that prices offered for wild alligator skins have fallen so low in the last two seasons that it is no longer worthwhile for hunters to catch them. Hunting of wild alligators is permitted only during the official, month-long season, which starts on the last Wednesday in August in Louisiana’s eastern zone and ends on the first Wednesday in September in the western zone. Almost all of Louisiana’s alligator harvest comes from farmed animals. The number of skins from farms has stayed steady at around 300 000 a year. The state has a healthy alligator population of roughly 2 million animals.
Skins that brought in US$29 per square foot (0.09/m2) in 2014 fetched between US$7 and US$8 per square foot in the last two seasons. These prices question the viability of hunting operations.  Click here to read the full article. – Leatherbiz