Willow Creek is still the only South African brand on the list of global champions following the publishing of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil World Rankings (EVOOWR) – an achievement the Nuy Valley olive oil producer has now repeated for the third consecutive year.

Willow Creek Estate is positioned 26th on the international list of top 100 societies or producers of extra virgin olive oil. Not one, but two of its products – the Directors’ Reserve as well as the Estate Blend – formed part of the 227 extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs) that earned bragging rights to Olive Oil of the Year, with the Directors’ Reserve also included in the Top 100 EVOOs at 73rd place.

“This ranking is the recognised indicator of quality for olive oil producers over the globe,” says Willow Creek Estate brand manager Louise Rabie. “We are pleased with our significant rankings and the honour to claim representation for South Africa on the list.”

The importance of every international competition is determined according to the number of participating countries and the number of entries received.  In order to be certified as Olive Oil of the Year, a particular extra virgin product must receive multiple awards in a variety of international competitions during a calendar year to score more than the required 160 points – the proof of its consistent excellence.

Willow Creek Estate comprises some 250ha of olives with a track record of awards and accolades, both local and international, that attests to the quality, consistency and appeal of its products.

In order to claim its position on the international ranking list, Willow Creek’s Directors’ Reserve earned Prestige Gold in both the Terra Olivo and Olivinus competitions, a Gold Medal at Domina IOOC, runner up at L’Orciolo D’Oro, Special Mention at Sol D’Oro and a Silver Medal at the Los Angeles International Olive Oil competition.

The dominant cultivars in the blend are Coratina and Favolosa. On the nose, it delivers complex aromas of artichokes and tomato vines which follows through on the palate with nuances of rocket and salad herbs and finishes with a lingering nuttiness.

The character of this and other oils on the farm are derived, as with top wine vineyards, from unique terroir and the Nuy Valley is perfectly suited to the cultivation of premium quality olives. The region’s lime-rich soils, availability of irrigation water and Mediterranean climate, with dry summers, cold winters and low average rainfall of 200mm per year, make it ideal for producing olives with a complex, appealing flavour profile. –Press release




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