The area estimates and fourth production forecast of the winter crop of 2018 has been released by the National Crop Estimates Committee.

Commercial crops

The expected commercial production of wheat is 1,862 million tons, which is the same as the previous forecast, with an expected yield of 3,70 tons per hectare (t/ha).

Expected production in the Western Cape is 906 300 tons (49%), in the Free State, 365 000 tons (20%) and in the Northern Cape, 294 500 tons (16%).

The area estimate for wheat is 503 350 ha.  An estimated 318 000 ha or 63% is planted in the Western Cape, 100 000 ha or 20% in the Free State and 38 000 ha or 8% in the Northern Cape.

Other crops

The production forecast for malting barley is 401 840 tons, which is 1,39% or 5 500 tons more than the previous forecast of 396 340 tons.  The area planted is estimated at 119 000 ha, while the expected yield is 3,38 t/ha.

The expected canola crop also remained unchanged at 115 500 tons.  The area estimate for canola is 77 000 ha and the expected yield is 1,50 t/ha. – CEC Report