Wireforce, a manufacturer of wire and finished wire products for the last 25 years, has entered the high density fencing market with its Wirewall Securemax product range since May 2017 and has successfully supplied many projects in the market since then.

Wireforce is the only fully integrated manufacturer of high security fencing systems in South Africa, bringing elements of design and colour together, while creating a unique signature that meets todays demand for increased security and visibility.  During the design stages, security (with specific detail to anti-tampering) and ease of installation were the key points.

General features

  • Small openings make it anti-cut and anti-climb.
  • Good visibility.
  • Anti-vandal fastening.
  • Cost effective and economical.

The structure

Wirewall panels are fabricated from 3,0mm, 4,0mm, or 5,6mm wire, with apertures of 75 x 12,7 making it difficult to be breached, providing maximum delay for intrusion detection and reaction.

Wirewall panels are offered in various heights with all panels being 3,050m wide as a standard. Multiple V-bends are added throughout the width of the panel for structural rigidity. Typical standard Wirewall panels are:

  • 1,200m x 3,050m
  • 1,500m x 3,050m
  • 1,800m x 3,050m
  • 2,000m x 3,050m
  • 2,100m x 3,050m
  • 2,400m x 3,050m

Wirewall panels and posts can be ordered in the following finishes and colours:

  • Galvanised finish
    • Galvanised before welding
  • Powder coated finish
    • Colour options are Charcoal, Black and Green
  • Thermal plastic coating
    • Colour options are Charcoal, Black and Green

*Special colours on request

Posts and fixings

The Wirewall post consists of two elements (1) specially designed and rolled support post and (2) front cover plate with the mesh panel pinned between them. There are no visible fixing points on the front or side of the post with the fixing element recessed into the back of the post. Fixings are manufactured from stainless steel material with the posts and cover plates manufactured from material which has superior anti corrosion properties.

The extension for the electric
fence insulators forms part of
the post and is not just an

Additional security

The system allows for the fitting of additional security features such as fencing spike rails, electric fencing above the fence line as well as electric fencing behind the fence line. Flat wrap razor coil can also be accommodated above the fence line.

Alternative options

Although the Wirewall Securemax (with 75,0mm x 12,7 aperture) is by far the most popular, we also offer more economical apertures and wire diameters to suite your budget. These apertures include 75,0mm x 25,0mm and 75,0mm x 50,0mm.

Availability and installation

The Wirewall fencing system is available directly to the public nationwide. It can be installed as a DIY system without compromising any of its security features.

For more information and prices please contact us during office hours:

Tel:                  010 007 3337

Email:              info@wireforce.co.za

Visit www.wireforce.co.za for more information.