A sheep farmer in North Brabant, the Netherlands, captured a wolf attacking his sheep on a security camera. The film shows the wolf chasing both an adult sheep and her lambs, and at one point is seen running off with a lamb in its mouth.

Local farming organisation ZLTO (Zuidelijke Land- en Tuinbouworganisatie) says three sheep and five lambs were attacked by the wolf on the night in question. They added that the same animal was responsible for the death of 58 sheep within a week. Farmers have been given equipment such as nets to put over fencing, to try to keep their flocks safe, but the organisation says it is extremely worried.

“If you stop a wolf getting one animal, it will move on to something else,” the organisation said. “Experts say the wolf will not attack humans, but every night it is hunting. And the fact that it was seen in a residential area is very worrying. This animal has to be caught and set free somewhere else. It might be a protected species in Europe, but Brabant sheep farmers should not have to lose ten sheep a night to the hunt.” – Dutch News