The wool market traded slightly lower at this week’s auction and the Cape Wools Merino Indicator decreased by 1,2% and 241 points to close at a value of R207,71/kg for clean wool. The Australian EMI increased 1,8% this week. The Cape Wools All Wool Indicator decreased by 1,0%.

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The wool market continued its steady decline and traded slightly lower. The unchanged Rand gave little support and the fair demand for long and fine Merino wool varied sharply across micron groups. The receivals at broker stores are still markedly down.

Madiono bought the most bales at the auction.

The average clean prices for the selection within the different micron categories for good top-making (MF5), long fleeces were as follows:

  • 18 microns increased 0,7% to close at R238,38/kg
  • 18,5 microns moved 0,5% up to close at R237,29/kg
  • 19 microns lost 1,1% to close at R224,48/kg
  • 19,5 microns weakened by 0,9% to close at R223,94/kg
  • 20 microns was 0,3% stronger to close at R221,58/kg
  • 20,5 microns lost 0,2% to close at R220,38/kg
  • 21 microns recovered 0,2% to close at R219,16/kg
  • 21,5 microns decreased by 1,2% to close at R208,21/kg
  • 22 microns increased by 1,2% to close at 207,27/kg
  • 22,5 microns increased by 1,4% to close at R206,57/kg

The next sale is scheduled for 05 December 2018 where approximately 14 010 bales will be on sale. – Market report