Parmalat’s 10-months Mature Gouda, made especially for Woolworths, was crowned the South African Dairy Product of the Year for the second year in a row at the Agri-Expo Qualité awards gala dinner on 23 March 2018 at GrandWest. This achievement is a first for the SA Dairy Championships, celebrating its 185th year of existence.

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The Gouda, an aromatic and full-flavoured cheese, was one of 945 dairy products from 83 producers that vied for the attention of the 84 judges ranging from food technologists to cheese retailers, and food bloggers to chefs. From the magnitude of entries, only eighteen were honoured with the Qualité mark of excellence and 105 were named SA Champion.

“For a product to be chosen as Dairy Product of the Year in a competition of this nature is a long and difficult journey and the dream of every dairy technologist,” says chief judge and international dairy expert Kobus Mulder. “That the honour befalls this year’s winner of the prestigious title for the second year in a row, is exceptional. Not only is it an extraordinary performance, but also a proof of sustained good manufacturing practices and quality control by the personnel of the manufacturer. Technically and gastronomically the Parmalat 10-months Mature Gouda is as close to perfection as a food product can come.”

185 years celebrated with record number of entries

The SA Dairy Championships has been presented with great success by Agri-Expo since 1834. “The Championships has grown to ten categories this year with more than 100 classes for end products in the processing line of the industry,” says Johan Ehlers, Chief Executive Officer of Agri-Expo. “The increase in entries over the past few years emphasize the importance of this Championships for individuals, small and medium enterprises, as well as national and international companies. This year’s results reflect an innovative industry and healthy competition among larger manufacturers and smaller entrepreneurs, with a total of seven Qualité’s awarded to Parmalat, four to Belnori Boutique Cheesery and a good division between the other winners. In addition, no less than 15 producers are newcomers to this year’s competition.”

2018 Qualité award winners:

Parmalat SA (7)

  • Woolworths Matured Gouda 10 Months
  • Woolworth Vintage Cheddar – White
  • Woolworths Matured Gouda 20 Months
  • President Matured Gouda 6 Months
  • UHT Low Fat Milk
  • Medium Fat Yoghurt – Choc Chip
  • Medium Fat Yoghurt – Fruited – Strawberry

Belnori Boutique Cheesery (4)

  • Kabaka
  • Kalabash
  • Highvelder Classic
  • Tanglewood

Baris Cheese

  • Vliedermaus – Bloomy Rind with Vegetable Ash

Coega Dairy

  • Ritebrand UHT Low Fat  Milk

Dalewood Fromage

  • Boland

Dutch Goat Farm

  • Goat’s Gouda

Fair Cape Dairies                             

  • Full Cream Yoghurt – Vanilla Flavoured  with Chocolate Chips

Ladismith Cheese Company

  • Round Gouda

Langbaken Karoo Cheese

  • Karoo Crumble

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Lovers of all things dairy will be able to taste many of these outstanding products at the SA Cheese Festival held from Friday 27 to Sunday 29 April 2018 at Sandringham outside Stellenbosch. Visit for more information. – Press release